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Snipers and Long Range Shooting Videos

We provide world class video training with firearms for law enforcement, military, competition shooters, self-defense enthusiasts, hunters, collectors, and all those who wish to have more skill with handguns, rifles, shotguns and edged weapons. We also include hunting and fishing videos in our collection for the sportsman.


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DVD's cannot be returned if opened.

These are all high quality DVD's not VHS tapes.


Tactical Sniper Shooting Techniques

In this program Tubb details and describes the equipment needed to execute pinpoint accuracy at 50 to 200 yards. You'll learn how to utilize ammunition, scopes, and trigger control to be able to hit a quarter at 50 yards. Tubb demonstrates a revolutionary sling technique and three different shooting positions. If you want to shoot with precision at realistic law enforcement distances, this program is an excellent resource and an exceptional training aid.

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Tactical Sniper Shooting Techniques



Long Range Rifle Shooting Techniques

Finally, a program that addresses the special requirements of big game hunters. It is vital that big game hunters improve their shooting skills because they usually have only one chance to make a shot. Tubb shares advanced shooting techniques that will greatly enhance your chances to be successful. You'll see a 500 yard shot using a tree stump as a rest and another 500 yard shot downhill using a rock as a rest. Plus, Tubb shows improvised shooting positions, what makes a good hunting rifle, understanding your ammunition's ballistics, how to sight in your scope, and how to work with your scope at different distances. You spend big money getting out to hunt, now see how to make the shot once you are there!

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Long Range Rifle Shooting Techniques




Marine Sniper


He has been carefully screened, selected and trained in advanced infantry and marksmanship techniques. He is at home in the woods, both and night. He knows the intricacies of field craft camouflage, cover and concealment. And he is armed with the M40 A1 rifle.
Sniping is a very personal warfare. The sniper must be able to hit a stationary target at 1000 yards with one round. He must be able to hit a moving target at 800 yards with one round. “One shot, one kill.”
Excellent video made for and by the United States Marine Corps elite sniper teams. This tape demonstrates weapons, shooting techniques, movement, concealment and sniper mind-set. Snipers have made difference in all major conflicts & this video shows you why and how. 20 minute US Marine Training Video.

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Marine Sniper - US Marine Training Video












































































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Go to www.thecountryshed.com or www.a2zoutdoors.com to purchase items shown out of stock on these pages. Great prices and huge selection


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