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 Complete Guide to the Ruger Mini-14, Mini-30 and Deerfield Carbine


Mini-14, Mini Thirty, & Deerfield Carbine


Ruger Mini 14 guide manual book    ruger mini 14 disassembly guide manual book


•  The only current printed manual that includes information on
   ALL models from 1972 ~ 2006.
Includes all serial numbers and manufacture dates for
   all models from 1972 ~ 2004!

•  Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
•  56 pages & 66 high-resolution grayscale images.

•  Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Safety tips
The Mini-14
The Mini-14
Ruger's Description
Standard Mini-14
Ranch Model
Other Mini's
Current Models
Operational Background
Bolt Lock
Load Magazine
Bore Obstructions
Standard Sights - Elevation
Standard Sights - Windage
Ranch Sights - Elevation
Ranch Sights - Windage
Field Stripping
Trigger Group
Barrel and Receiver
Standard Recoil Spring
Ranch Recoil Spring
Standard Bolt Stop
Ranch Bolt Stop
Ranch Bolt Stop Assembly
Complete Disassembly
Magazine Check List
Other Accessories
Parts - Standard Upper
Parts - Standard Lower
Parts - Ranch Upper
Dates of Manufacture: 1972 ~2004

Excerpt from this Ruger Guide:

The Mini-14

At first glance the Mini-14 looks very similar to a combination of a M1 Garand Rifle’s rotating bolt and the overall appearance of
the US Military M14. The M1 Garand (.30.-06 caliber) was adopted by the US Army in 1932 and was carried by most US troops until the 1950’s. The M14 (.308 caliber) was adopted by the US Army in 1957 and was later replaced by the current AR-15/M-16 rifle. (.223 / 5.65mm caliber).

Design and Series of the Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 was designed by Bill Ruger. Early versions from 1972 ~ 1975 were produced in Southport, Connecticut and have serial numbers with the three digit prefix of “180”.

The Ruger Mini-14 180 series have a few minor internal and external design changes that make it incompatible with most of the commercial and aftermarket accessories that are specifically made for the later 181 and 182 series rifles.

These early 180 series rifles are sought after by collectors.

Most “shooters” prefer the later models.

The Ruger Mini-14 series 181 was introduced in 1977 and offered an updated rear site, a larger gas piston, magazine release, and a modified bolt mechanism. In 1980 Ruger added a series 182 which introduced a new satin finish to the Mini-14. Early stainless steel receivers were recalled due to cracking because of excessive hardening of the metal during production. Recalled stainless guns had a serial number below 182-51929. Ruger Rifles that have been repaired have two proof marks. (“R” in circle.)


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Complete Guide to the Ruger Mini14/30 Rifle


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Go to www.thecountryshed.com or www.a2zoutdoors.com to purchase items shown out of stock on these pages. Great prices and huge selection


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