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B-Square Rings, Bases, and Bipods

Rings, bases and bipods for rifles, pistols, shotguns, airguns, and military rifles

B-Square Rings and Bases

     B-SQUARE has been manufacturing and marketing a full line of premium quality scopes mounts, accessories and gunsmithing tools for over 40 years  B-SQUARE has become known worldwide for its innovations in mounting optics to a wide selection of firearms. Telephone 800-433-2909 within the United States
817-923-0964 outside the United States
, FAX 817-926-7012, Postal address: P. O. Box 11281, Fort Worth, TX 76110-0281, Electronic mail: Customer Support or Information: Bsquare@b-square.com  Visit B-Square on the web at www.b-square.com Additional email at b-square@worldnet.att.net 

Contact the manufacturer above for technical help, please use the BUY buttons on the web page to order the products you want from TJ General Store.

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  Generally speaking, scopes with 32-40mm objective need a low ring; scopes with 40-44mm objective require a medium ring, and scopes with a 50-56mm objective require a high ring. This may vary with the type gun.

Text and graphics courtesy of www.b-square.com 

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Inventory Clearance


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Inventory Clearance


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 Online orders are restricted to the USA only! We currently do NOT accept foreign credit cards or ship to foreign countries. If ordering from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico,  and Guam, additional shipping charges will be added to your order. No charge for credit card purchases. We ship to APO addresses. We do accept Purchase Orders from agencies and municipalities.  We only accept Visa and MasterCard.

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