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Advanced Technology Stocks and Shotgun Magazine Extensions

Tactical shotgun and rifle stocks, heat shields, pistol grips , pistol grip forends and magazine extensions for use on Remington, Winchester, Mossberg, Maverick shotguns, and more. We offer pistol grip stocks and forends for most tactical applications.


More gunstocks for Enfield, SKS, Marlin Semi-Auto, Mosin Nagant, Mauser 98, and more. Scope mounts for these rifles on this page also.

Advanced Technology Tactical shotgun and rifle stocks, pistol grips, and pistol grip forends.

Make your shotgun look like this

Did you know that the shotgun is one of the best weapons you can get for home defense. When an intruder is confronted by a shotgun, or hears a shotgun action being pumped, he knows you mean business.

Building the Ultimate Tactical 870 Shotgun 

With over 6 million sold, creative minds have developed many different products that will enhance the users experience with this shotgun. In particular, accuracy, felt recoil, grip and trigger pull, magazine capacity and even combat light options. In this program master gunsmith Larry Crow details and installs all of the latest accessories you can add to your 870 shotgun to make it perform better. Over 90 minutes.

Combat Shotgun Video Information Here  

 Tactical 870 Shotgun Video



  Advanced Technology Shotgun Stocks

Can I put a pistol grip or folding stock on my Rem. 1100-1187 or Moss. 5500?
No, The spring and tube that pushes the bolt forward to function the action protrudes from the back of the action for several inches and prevents the use of a grip of folding stock

      Advanced Technology Shotgun Accessories and         Magazine Extensions


  Advanced Technology Rifle Stocks


      Advanced Technology Bipods and Magazine Covers



More gunstocks for Enfield, SKS, Marlin Semi-Auto, Mosin Nagant, Mauser 98, and more. Scope mounts for these rifles on this page also.

 Gunstocks from Choate Stocks and Forends for Ithaca, Mossberg, Winchester, Remington, Fabarms, Thompson Center Encore and Contender, and H&R Shotguns and rifles. Shotgun Magazine Extensions also available.

More gunstocks from Advanced Technology, SpeedFeed, Choate, TacStar and Thompson Center


Shotgun Accessories from TacStar  including Magazine Extensions











































































 Online orders are restricted to the USA only! We currently do NOT accept foreign credit cards or ship to foreign countries. If ordering from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico,  and Guam, additional shipping charges will be added to your order. No charge for credit card purchases. We ship to APO addresses. We do accept Purchase Orders from agencies and municipalities.  We only accept Visa and MasterCard.



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